Healthy lifestyle

What to expect


If you have specific dietary questions regarding food intolerances, diabetes, kidney disease or any other concern, please pick up the phone and call me. Sometimes I can answer questions over the phone and help you right away without you having to come into my office. I am a "hands on" dietitian and the main reason why my clients always find answers and reach their goals quickly is that I am available to be there when you need me. I am genuinely invested in my clients and I am dedicated to helping people who are eager to live a healthier lifestyle so I am available to answer questions by phone, email and text. I have clients who send me pictures of their meals to make sure they are portioning out their food properly which I find an effective means of tracking progress.


About my experience


I began coaching clients 7 years ago in San Carlos California while working as a full-time clinical dietary manager and clinical dietitian in the hospital. I  began coaching and counseling patients as an out patient dietitian and realized how much I loved it. My purpose in life is to help make a difference through diet and nutrition counseling and I realized my talent as a nutrition therapist when all of my clients were happy with their results. Helping others is my passion and seeing the transformation is a very gratifying feeling.

My approach to weight loss is simple and easy and anyone can lose fat as long as there is a desire and the right coach to help you along the way. Along with being a licensed  Registered Dietitian in the state of Texas, I am an exercise enthusiast and I specialize in nutrition and weight loss management. The meal plan I design specifically for you will keep you energetic, fit and lean. My goal is to help my clients achieve their nutrition goals through diet and exercise. I provides realistic effective nutrition counseling services and will personally train/coach my clients with a customized diet and training plan. “Education is the backbone for diet and behavior change, but the support and motivation offered by a ‘nutrition coach’ is what many people need for success.”